How to Stop Boyfriend Engagement or Marriage

How to Stop Boyfriend Engagement by astrology

Engagement of your boyfriend with another girl cause of two reasons either pressure of parents or he is cheating on you. Whatever the reason, you are here to know How to Stop Boyfriend Engagement and we will give you an effective solution. World-famous astrologer-cum-vashikaran specialist astrologer Acharya ji will provide you with the effective and powerful astrology that is used since ancient times to solve love problems. We have Indian Hindu astrology mantras that are cast to influence the mind of the targeted person or to create such a situation that will end breaking the engagement of the desired person.

Vashikaran for Break Boyfriend Engagement 

At the point when you come to know about your lover’s engagement, several questions arise in your mind along with what to do now. First of all, stay calm; you don’t have enough time to think about the situation, so get ready to consult with Acharya Vikas ji free of cost. There are some certain things that Acharya ji can perform to move the destination in your favor. With the help of astrology instant mantra and spells, Astrologer Vikas ji will help in stopping the engagement of your boyfriend.

How to Break the Bf/Gf Marriage after Engagement

Another situation when your partner has engaged with someone else and you want to know How to Break the Boyfriend or Girlfriend Marriage after the Engagement. Because most of the girls are sensitive, they never share their love problems with their parents and deal with such a painful situation individually. So, opting for a vashikaran mantra to break your lover’s wedding even after engagement will be a powerful, effective and instant solution for you.

Here, Astrologer Achraya Vikas ji will provide you with a Mantra to Stop Someone Marriage/ Engagement. This mantra will work by changing the mind of your lover to:

  • A rise disputes and differences between your boyfriend and his fiancée to break the marriage/engagement.
  • Change the mind of both families and bring negativity in their thinking to break this relationship
  • Obsess your boyfriend with you so that he can break all other relationships and come back to you.
  • Make your lover’s parents agree for your love marriage. 

Mantra to Break Forced/Unwanted Marriage or Engagement

Are you ready to cast the Vashikaran Mantra to Break the Forced or Unwanted Marriage or Engagement of your boyfriend? If yes, here is a mantra:


!! ॐ   हारीम हारीम क्रीम (अमुक) पहात स्वः!!

Take a white paper and use vermillion to write the name of the person whom you want to keep away from your boyfriend, then fold the paper and keep it in the dark for that time. For the next 11 days, you have to hold this folded paper in your hand and recite the mantra 108 times. Hopefully, on the 12th day, you will get the desired result for sure. 

Make sure, no one can see you while you are performing this mantra for your boyfriend or girlfriend. This mantra is proven to be very effective and powerful if cast with positivity, concentration and following the precautions. Its a Hindu pooja(puja) worship prayer and safe for everyone.

Fastest Way to Stop Your someone Marriage

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Online love vashikaran specialist astrologer Acharya Vikas ji and see the miracle happening in just a couple of hours.  On-call consultation is available free of cost. Whatever the problem related to your love life, gets a 100% guaranteed solution with surety that everything will remain confidential between you and Acharya Ji.  Vashikaran powerful worship is the best and fastest way to stop your boyfriend or girlfriend marriage. Vashikaran remedies or totke is the best way to stop unwanted boyfriend or girlfriend marriage in a short time. You just follow these vashikaran totke and control your bf/gf parents mind according to you. Just once consult Aacharya ji how to use it. You easily make call get online solution related your problems.

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